My first-ever commission was to shoot all the pictures for The Time Out Guide to New York in the late 90s. I was sent all over the city and I soon became fascinated by the changing neighbourhoods.

When I returned a few years later, I decided to embark on a long-term project. I photographed strangers I encountered as I walked the 14 miles of Broadway. Over several visits, I started from the southernmost tip of Manhattan at Battery Park and ended at 242nd St in the Bronx. I would grab a coffee and a bagel and head off on my epic walk. Each outing took around ten hours.

I was interested in how one street, or ‘way’, could vary so dramatically in the same city. As I continued to walk, I saw the people and the landscape change. I passed city brokers, the homeless, downtown hipsters, kids on their way to play baseball and even a couple of Armenian priests.

The series was self-published as a book in 2013 (now sold out).